Where it all began

Tosh, named after her mother’s favourite singer Peter Tosh, is as unique as the name that she was given. True to her Jamaican heritage, this songstress conveys the spirit of her culture and upbringing through her music. When she sings it’s not hard to get lost in every note that leaves her lips. Whether it’s a straight R&B ballad, a taste of dancehall or even a funky island pop tune Tosh’s diversity is in a class all by herself, with a sound and style of her own.

With songs such as 911 feat Kymani Marley, the dancehall anthem Ready Fi Dem and the club banger Nuh Seh Nutten with Agent Sasco This singer/songwriter  is poised to change the game and bring true vocal ability back into the limelight.

Tosh sums up her musical journey with, “I cant remember a time when music was not a major part of my life.” Soon enough, the world will be able to say that they can’t remember a time when Tosh’s music wasn’t a major part of their lives.